How to Apply Snap Fasteners

Things You'll Need

  • Snaps
  • Snap fastener tool or snap pliers
  • Fabric hole punch or awl
  • Hammer

Snaps, a convenient and often preferred type of clothing fastener, can also add visual embellishment to your clothing and accessories. They're easy and quick to fasten and undo, making them great for kids' clothes. Snap fasteners come in two types: prong snaps and post snaps. Prong snaps have tiny, jagged teeth for attaching, and post snaps have a central stem or post. You'll usually see prong snaps in light- to medium-weight fabrics, while more heavy-duty fabric such as denim, leather or vinyl generally employ post snaps. With the correct tools and materials, you can easily apply snap fasteners to your sewing project.

Measure and mark with dots where you will place the snaps. Using a fabric hole punch tool or an awl, punch small holes in the fabric at the center points of the snap locations. Eliminate this step if using prong snaps, as the teeth will puncture the fabric.

Affix the closure part (socket) of the snap. Place the prong ring (for prong snaps) or the post with the stem going through the punched hole on the underside of the fabric. Align the socket on the other side. Place the fastener tool or pliers over the two sides and squeeze. Some fastener tools require tapping the top with a hammer.

Affix the fastening part of the snap. Place the stud on the underside of the fabric and align the top cap on the other side. Place the fastener tool or pliers over the two sides and squeeze. Tap with a hammer if required.


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