How to Apply Mime Makeup

Things You'll Need

  • A clean, dry face
  • Clown white, white grease makeup or white cake makeup
  • Black eye liner
  • Red lipstick
  • Powder and puff or brush
  • A photo of a mime

How to Apply Mime Makeup. Mime makeup is one of the easiest types of stage makeup to apply. If done correctly the mime face will come alive under lights or in street performance. The mime face relies on a white canvas that highlights the facial expressions of the mime making them more pronounced and dramatic.

Begin with a clean, dry face. Use moisture lotion before applying makeup to make the grease paint or cake makeup spread more easily.

Shave the same day before applying makeup for men.

Put hair back or up before beginning and leave up for performance. This will keep things neat and clean and make the job easier.

Begin by outlining the face with white. Draw a line at the jaw, continue up around the cheeks and finish about one inch from the hairline on forehead.

Powder well when using grease makeup. This will make drawing the black lines easier.

Use a black liner for eyebrows. Draw large, dark, more dramatic eyebrows evenly above your own. Outline eyes and lips. Fill in lips with red lipstick.

Allow lines and lipstick to dry before applying final powder. Do this lightly with a puff or brush so as not to disturb lines.


  • Use a photo of a mime as a guide for the first few attempts. Not every mime has to look exactly alike, but the basic steps are the same.


  • Purchase high quality makeup products from a reputable dealer to avoid skin irritation. Use a good cold cream or makeup remover to remove mime face.

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