How to Add Memory to a PS3

By Dan Chruscinski ; Updated September 15, 2017

Things Needed

  • PlayStation 3
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 2.5 inch SATA hard drive

The PlayStation 3 comes in several different iterations. Each one features a hard drive of a different size, ranging from 20GB to 250GB. The hard drive is used to store media, saves, and game data among others and as more data is saved, the available memory lessens. Gamers who want to increase the memory of their PS3 can install a new hard drive with more memory. The PlayStation 3 is compatible with all two-and-a-half inch SATA hard drives and installing the new drive will not void your warranty and is supported by Sony.

Remove any discs that are in your PlayStation 3 and power off the console. Remove all cables, and power cords as well as any memory cards inserted into the system.

Place the console on a flat, clean surface. Rotate the console until you see the back side, which has a cover labeled “HDD.”

Remove the cover by inserting your fingernail into the groove between the cover and console. Push your finger forward to pop out the cover.

Insert your Phillips screwdriver into the blue screw and rotate counter-clockwise. Remove the screw and place it off to the side. Don't throw away the screw as you will use it to secure the new drive into place.

Flip the metal loop forward and towards the right side of the console. Pull on the loop to remove the hard drive and casing out of the console.

Remove the four silver screws that hold the hard drive in the casing. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws and place them with the blue screw.

Note how the hard drive is placed in the casing. This is how the new hard drive will be placed. Slide the hard drive out of the casing.

Insert your new hard drive into the casing so it matches the placement of the previous drive. Secure the drive into place using the four screws you previously removed. Do not tighten too much as you may risk stripping the screws.

Slide the hard drive and casing back into the PlayStation 3. Press the metal loop to the left to lock the drive into place.

Secure the hard drive by fastening the blue screw into place on the casing of the drive.

Insert the blue screw into the hole located on the outside of the hard drive casing and rotate clockwise with your screwdriver until the screw is secured. Replace the cover back onto the console.

Reattach the cables to the PlayStation 3 and power on the console. You will be prompted to format the new hard drive. Once complete, you will have more memory to store games and other media.


Backup any data from your old hard drive by using an external hard drive or thumb drive. Files transferred onto external drives can then be transferred back to your new hard drive.

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