How to Ace the Talent Competition in Beauty Pageants

The Author is a Pageant Producer and Recognized Pageant Coach

When it comes to the talent competition in a beauty pageant, anything you can perform on stage is acceptable. However, if you want to set yourself apart from the other contestants, choose to perform a talent that will make you stand out from your competition.

Make a list of all your talents. Basically anything you can do in front of an audience is a talent.

Out of all the talents you have, pick one that is the most unlikely to be performed by other contestants. Things like playing a rare instrument like the harp or clarinet are most likely to set you apart from other contestants.

Choose your strongest talent. Pick an activity that you are comfortable with and have some experience in. It's best to stick to what you have been doing well for years, than to learn a new talent overnight.

Don't disregard modest talents. If you have a modest talent that you feel will place you among the top contestants, develop it. With the help of a coach and practice you can turn a modest talent into a strong performance.

If your talent involves performing a song, choose a song that you enjoy and are comfortable with. This will make you appear more confident in front of the judges and audience. Also, think of songs that have won an award winning performance.

If you are having a music background for your performance, make sure you have a good tape to perform to. A first rate tape will increase your chances of a first rate performance.

Take your talent public. Look for opportunities to perform in recitals, church or community groups. Performing in public will help you obtain the skills necessary in order to capture the interest of your pageant audience.


Have an alternate song. Many national pageants permit only one contestant to perform a given song.


Disregard talents that are potentially dangerous. Talents that involve sharp objects and fire are unlikely to be accepted by the pageant committee.