How Do I Get VIP Tickets at the House of Blues?

VIP tickets have fun privileges and perks.
Paulavigeorge/iStock/Getty Images

The House of Blues first opened its doors in 1992 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. A VIP ticket to a House of Blues event offers a number of perks, including access to a private club inside. House of Blues VIP tickets are expensive, but a VIP night at the House of Blues is special treat.

Purchase Tickets Directly

The simplest way to get VIP tickets is to purchase them directly from the House of Blues. The problem is that VIP tickets only are offered for select events and often must be bought as part of a ticket package deal. This is an expensive way to go, but you will enjoy all the perks associated with VIP ticket holders.

Join the Club

The VIP club is called the “Foundation Room.” Membership in the club is expensive but it guarantees access to VIP tickets and other amenities. The amenities include access to a private dining and entertainment space inside select House of Blues off limits to the general public.

Citibank and Live Nation

As of 2014, Citibank credit card holders can purchase VIP tickets to “Live Nation” events. Live Nation is a California events company that promotes musical events around the country. It acquired House of Blues in 2006. Go to the Live Nation Citibank card website and click on the House of Blues event that interests you. Purchase the VIP tickets with your Citibank card.