How Do Ballerinas Stand on Their Toes?

Ballerinas stand on their toes with the help of point shoes, which are made of tightly woven material that forms a box allowing the dancer to stand on the tip of their toes. Avoid trying to stand on point in ballet without leg and core muscle strength and the proper training from an instructor. Learn more about dancing on point with advice from an experienced dance instructor in this free video ballet lesson.

About the Author

Lauri Gregoire began her dancing, singing and acting career at a young age. She received her Bachelor of Performing Arts in dance performance from the prestigious Oklahoma City University in 1995. Upon graduation, she moved to Nashville, where she performed with Opryland U.S.A. as a lead dancer. While at Opryland, Gregoire performed in such shows as, "And the Winner Is," "Country Music USA," "I Hear America Singing," and as a lead dancer on the "General Jackson Showboat." Gregoire began teaching at the Bellevue Dance Center in January of 1998 and became owner and director in May of 2004. She is also the resident choreographer at the Boiler Room Theatre in Franklin, Tenn.