How Did Biggie & Tupac Die?

The deaths of the Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G (Biggie Smalls) are ones that are still questioned over 10 years later. Was the other party involved? Was it gang related? Their shootings signaled the beginning of what can be seen as a "rap war."

Tupac Shooting

On September 7th, 1996, Tupac left a Mike Tyson boxing match in Las Vegas, Nevada. He quarreled with a member of the Crips in the lobby of the hotel before leaving in his car. When stopped at a red light, a car pulled up to Shakur's and fired 12 shots at the rapper. He was struck by four bullets and died from internal bleeding on September 13th at the age of 25.

Prior Controversies

Before his death, Tupac had legal problems including an arrest for sexually assaulting a woman. He was also shot five times two years before his death, which sparked a coastal feud when he blamed Sean Combs and Biggie for setting him up.


Some fans believe that Tupac is still alive and that his murdered was a cover-up. Posthumous albums make references to events that occurred after his death and Tupac appeared in three music videos.

Biggie Shooting

After leaving the Soul Train Music Awards on March 9, 1997, Biggie's car was stopped at a red light. Another car pulled up beside his and fired bullets into the car, with four striking Biggie in the chest. He was pronounced dead a half hour later at the age of 24.

Prior Controversies

Biggie had been arrested for threatening to kill two people wanting his autograph outside of a club and later for weapons and drug charges. Since Tupac released a song in June 1996 saying he had an affair with Wallace's wife, it sparked the possibility that Biggie played a part in Tupac's death.


Biggie's death is still viewed as an unsolved mystery. Some believe the Crips were involved, others believe Suge Knight from Death Row Records played a part, while some even suspect Sean Combs, who was Biggie's friend and in the car behind him.