How Are Wooden Photo Album Books Made?

Types of Wood Albums

There are two kinds of wooden photo album books: the photo album with wood covers and page-insert where you can store your photographs, or the wooden photo album box, which is a square cube that holds several individual albums. Each one is made in a different way. The wood photo album is constructed in much the same way as any other album, but wooden sheets are used for the covers, and the binding is reinforced to handle the additional weight. The photo album box is crafted like a wooden box using miter corners and then the album books are manufactured separately.

Wooden Photo Album Box

The wooden photo album box is crafted like a jewelry box or other wooden storage box. First, the box is made by cutting and assembling five sheets of wood into a cube with an open top. The corners of the wood photo album box can be joined together 1) by cutting joints into the ends of the wood (joinery), and sliding the pieces together, or 2) simply by cutting each end precisely so that the corners are perfectly flush (with a miter saw or industrial table saw) and then tacking and gluing them together with a strong wood glue and tack nails. The cover is made by joining or gluing smaller strips of wood to a single wood sheet. The box is stained and finished, and hinges are then attached to the cover and the box. The album inserts are manufactured by injection molding. The binding spine is created from plastic, and album pages are then inserted into the binding.

Wood Photo Album

A wood photo album is made using real sheets of wood. They can be single, flat sheets of plywood, which are thin layers of wood glued and pressed together to form a single sheet, or thin strip of wood stacked and glued together to form a continuous sheet of wood. The album binder is laid onto a cloth or heavy weighted sheet of paper. The cloth or paper is then glued to the wooden sheets, leaving the binder suspended in the middle between the two. Then the backing for the album binder is attached to the back of the binder between the two sheets, using rivets or hot glue. This allows the album to be opened and closed. Additional upholstering, if any is used in the wood photo album, is then applied over the wood.