How to Make a Kids' Lemonade Stand

There's nothing better on a warm summer day than a glass of lemonade--unless it's getting to spend a little quality time with your kids. If yours have been asking you about a lemonade stand, this summer you can help them out by creating an eye-catching stand that can be reused every weekend. Best of all, this one can be put together with a few items from around the house.

Things You'll Need

  • A 22 x 22 x 20 inch cardboard box
  • Packing tape
  • Four wrapping-paper tubes
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Markers
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Streamers

Cut two of the long flaps off the box and place them next to one another side-by-side, with their longest ends vertical. The space where the two flaps meet will become a hinge. Tape the hinge on one side with packing tape so it is still bendable. This will be the roof of your lemonade stand.

Tape the box closed with packing tape on both ends to secure it shut. The box will serve as the base of your lemonade stand.

Tape one wrapping-paper tube vertically on each corner of the box to serve as a frame for your stand.

Tape the roof that you made in Step 1 on top of the four paper tubes. Use pieces of tape on the tops of the paper tubes and connect them to the underside of the roof. It's okay if it looks a little messy--no one will see the underside of the roof. Use hot glue to connect the paper tubes directly to the roof if you are having trouble affixing it sturdily with tape.

Decorate as desired. You and your child can hot-glue streamers or colored construction paper to decorate the lemonade stand, and write the price of the lemonade on the front with markers. Cut lemon shapes out of yellow construction paper and hot-glue them in rows around the stand, and wind yellow streamers up around the wrapping-paper tubes for a festive touch. Encourage your child to experiment with his creativity.


  • Do not leave your child unattended while selling lemonade. Do not allow your child to use hot glue unattended.