How to Buy a Burger King Franchise

Dave Rowland/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Burger King, known as the "Home of the Whopper," has offered franchise opportunities since 1956. It's not cheap to buy into Burger King. A franchisee should expect a total investment of between $1.2 and $2.8 million.

Money Minimum

Burger King places a minimum capital requirement on its potential franchise owners. They must be worth a total of $1.5 million, with $500,000 in liquid assets. Those who clear that hurdle fill out an online questionnaire.

Application Process

If the aspiring franchise owner successfully meets the requirements established in that questionnaire, they will be sent a more comprehensive application package in the mail. After that, a Burger King representative will interview her to determine if she has adequate retail experience. Burger King requests "Persons who clearly exhibit a high degree of dedication, drive, business ethics with a minimum of three years of relevant quick service restaurant experience."

Post Acceptance

The company will work with qualifiers to determine a location to build a store, or help her acquire an existing franchise. The applicant must submit a capitalization plan, after which Burger King will train and support the applicant and also help with marketing and operations. The mandatory training takes place in a classroom setting and in the restaurant. The training takes between 60 days and five months depending on the franchisee's prior restaurant experience.