Homemade Yoda Costumes

"Star Wars" is one of the most popular movies of all time, so many people enjoy making their own "Star Wars"-related costumes for Halloween, costume parties and conventions. Yoda is one of the more popular characters, and, although it may seem daunting, making a Yoda costume is actually rather simple--as long as you have some basic sewing skills and an image to guide you.


Wear dark brown pants and a dark brown shirt. Make a robe by cutting out four pieces of light brown fabric. Two of these pieces of fabric should be long enough to reach from your neck to your ankles and as wide as your shoulders, plus four inches. The other two fabric pieces should be long enough to reach from your shoulder to your wrist and wide enough to wrap around your arm, plus four inches (these will form the sleeves). Lay the two bigger pieces of fabric on top of each other and sew up the sides, leaving a six-inch opening at the top of each side for the arm holes. Sew the top of the robe together, leaving a six-inch opening in the middle for the collar. Fold the sleeve pieces in half width-wise and sew up the long side opposite the fold. Sew the sleeves to the arm holes on the robe. Cut the front of the robe all the way down the middle. Hem the collar, sleeves, front openings and bottom of the robe, then turn it right side out.


Wear a dark brown belt and attach a light saber to it. Walk with a cane. To make your own cane, glue or tape six empty paper towel rolls together, end to end. Crush the top six inches of the cane and fold over the crushed part slightly. This cane will not hold any weight, so just hold on to it as a prop.

Hair and Makeup

Spray or die your hair white, or slick it back with gel or mousse. Buy a green headband. Using green construction paper, cut out two ears (see Yoda image in the "References" section for the proper shape). Pull apart several cotton balls and glue them to the front middle of the ear pieces. Glue the ear pieces to either side of the headband. Paint your face, neck and hands green.