Homemade Wooden Truck

By Scarlett Gauthier ; Updated September 15, 2017
Build a wooden toy truck to use as a model or a toy.

Wooden toys were commonly used before the days of computerized toys and electronics such as remote-controlled vehicles. Simple wooden toys such as cars and trucks can be difficult to find in stores and often need to be homemade. You can build your own homemade wooden truck as a recreational arts-and-crafts project done with your children to recreate that nostalgic feeling wooden toys can bring. An advantage to creating your own truck is that it can be personalized as you or your child desires.

Use the jigsaw to cut a wooden block from the 1-inch thick wooden board that is three inches in length and three inches in width.

Cut a rectangle from the 1-inch thick wooden board that is eight inches in length and three inches in width. Cut a second rectangle that is also eight inches in length and three inches in width from the 1/2-inch thick wooden board.

Place the 1-inch thick rectangle on a flat surface. Measure three inches from the right side of the rectangle and draw a line at this mark with a pencil.

Measure 1/2-inch from the left side of the rectangle and make a line at the mark with your pencil.

Measure 1/2-inch from the remaining edges of the rectangle and make a mark with the pencil. Connect the corners of each line to outline a 4.5-by-2-inch rectangle on the wood piece.

Use the jigsaw to cut out the 4.5-by-2-inch interior rectangle from the larger wooden rectangle. Discard of this extra wooden piece.

Apply wood glue to the bottom edges of the wooden rectangle frame and glue the 1/2-inch thick wooden piece to the rectangle. This will form a base for the truck. The rectangular hole in the wooden piece will serve as the truck bed.

Allow enough time for the wood glue to dry. Read the directions on the glue to determine drying time.

Draw four circles, each 1 inch in diameter on the 1-inch thick wooden board.

Use the jigsaw to cut the circles along their outline to form the truck’s wheels. Sand any rough edges of the wheels using sandpaper.

Drill a 1/4-inch hole in the center of each circle.

Turn the rectangular base over to expose the underside of the wooden piece. Hammer the 2-inch flat head nail approximately 2 millimeters deep into each of the corners of the rectangular piece to form pilot holes for the eye screws.

Screw the four eye screws into each corner of the rectangular base.

Cut a wooden dowel that is 1/4-inch in diameter into two 4-inch pieces using the jigsaw. The dowel will serve as axles for the wheels.

Insert the dowel pieces through the eye screws at the back and front of the truck.

Apply glue to the hole at the center of the wheel and insert the wheel onto one end of the wooden dowels. Repeat the procedure to secure the remaining wheels to the wooden dowels.

Use wood glue to glue the 3-by-3-inch wooden piece to the front of the rectangular base. This will form the front of the truck.

Allow enough time for the wood glue to dry and harden.

Sand down any rough edges to the truck and any overhang on the wooden dowels so the dowels are flush with the wheels.


Use primer and paint in various colors to paint designs on the truck for a sleek, finished look.


Always use caution when working with a jigsaw and wood. Wear safety goggles for additional protection.

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