Homemade Minnie Mouse Costumes

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Minnie Mouse is a fairly quick do-it-yourself costume that can work for both young and old. With only a few affordable materials, you can quickly create a cute and comfortable Minnie Mouse costume. Minnie and Mickey Mouse together make an adorable couples costume or even coordinating brother and sister costumes. Minnie's outfit is easily adaptable for cooler or warmer temperatures. You might even have most of what you need around the house.

The Dress

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Minnie traditionally wears a red and white polka dotted dress or polka dotted skirt with a contrasting top. The top may be polka dotted or black with white puffed sleeves. The skirt should be quite full, with petticoats if possible. If you have a red and white dotted dress, this will work as the basis for your costume. If not you can make a simple Minnie mouse skirt with only the most basic sewing skills, cut a length of red and white polka dot fabric approximately three times the wearer's hip measurement by the desired length plus three inches. Sew the short ends together and hem the bottom edge, folding the hem up one-half inch, then one inch. Fold the top edge down 1 1/2 inches and stitch into place, leaving an opening to thread elastic. Thread one inch elastic cut approximately two inches shorter than the wearer's waist measurement through the casing and stitch the ends together. Sew the opening closed. Wear your Minnie Mouse skirt with a black or white blouse or shirt you already own.

The Ears

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Minnie can't be Minnie without her ears. You can purchase Disney style mouse ears or make your own. Start with a purchased plastic headband. Cut four large circles out of black felt, sizing them appropriately for an adult or child dressing as Minnie Mouse. Glue these together or sew them if you prefer. Use hot glue to attach both ears to the headband. Minnie's bow is what distinguishes her from Mickey, so make a large fabric or ribbon bow in red with white polka dots and glue this into place on the headband as well. You can also use a soft cloth headband for an infant, but sew the ears and bow onto place instead of gluing them.

Finishing your Costume

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Wear black tights or leggings under your skirt to mimic Minnie's classic black legs. You can also opt for a black leotard or snugly fitting black tee shirt under your shirt. This can provide warmth and that Minnie look. White gloves are optional, but an adorable finishing touch. Finally, use a black eyeliner pencil to color the end of your nose black like Minnie's.


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Modern Minnie changes clothes, so you can too. Today's Minnie Mouse often wears a bright blue dress with pink shoes and a pink bow. Keep the classic black underneath and make sure you have your mouse ears on to sport that Minnie Mouse look in something other than red and white.


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