Homemade Lip Gloss for Kids

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Your four-year-old wants to wear lip gloss “just like Mommy,” but you want control over the ingredients; or perhaps you’re just looking for a simple and entertaining craft project for a rainy day. Making your own gloss with supplies found in your kitchen and medicine cabinet is a pleasurable alternative to store-bought lip cosmetics.

Gathering the Basics

The easiest base for lip gloss is petroleum jelly, although you can also use beeswax or vegetable shortening. You can add Vitamin E oil or honey, as well, along with candy flavoring and small amounts of food coloring.

Sweet and Fruity

Prepare an almost infinite variety of lip gloss with no-sugar-added fruit drink mix. Melt a small jar of petroleum jelly in the microwave, heating it at one-minute intervals, then stir in a package of drink powder before pouring it into containers. Let your children in on the fun by allowing them to blend their own flavors. Another option is to mix hot cocoa mix into the melted lubricant. Add a little mint flavoring for a decadent chocolate-mint treat. If you prefer to avoid the petroleum-based product, substitute vegetable shortening.

Balm for the Babies

Treat your children’s dry, chapped lips with a homemade balm that can also be colored for that gloss look. A mixture of beeswax, coconut oil, Vitamin E oil and honey will soothe those parched lips, and you can use the last little bits of your old lipstick or blush powder to add a little color. A little candy flavoring oil makes it taste yummy too.

Pretty Touches

Besides adding delicious hints of flavoring and light suggestions of color, give your little princess some extra glitz by adding shimmer powder or edible glitter to the melted lip gloss base. For a peppermint-flavored treat, add some finely crushed peppermint candy to the mix.


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