Homemade Induction Coil

drosselspulen in der hand, induction coil image by Sascha Zlatkov from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need

  • Toilet-paper tube
  • 2-feet of insulated electrical wire
  • Ruler

Induction coils, more commonly known as inductors, are electrical devices that store electrical energy in a circuit by converting energy into a magnetic field. Inductors can be made as a single loop of wire or can consist of a wire coiled around a special core. They are often used as filters in power supplies. An inductor coil can easily be made from household items and an electrical wire.

Cut a 2-foot piece of electrical wire and strip 1/2 inch of insulation from the ends of the wire.

Wrap the wire tightly around the tube, leaving about 3 inches of overhang at the beginning of the tube. Use a ruler to be precise. The beginning part of the wire will be used as an electrical lead.


Leave 3 inches at the end of the wire as well to be used as a second electrical lead for the inductor.



  • The toilet paper tube can be removed from the center of the coil; however, it can be better to leave the tube in as this gives the coil something to hold onto, preventing it from falling apart.