Homemade "Charlie's Angels" Costumes

sisters playing charlies angels image by ennavanduinen from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need

  • Halter top or other 1970s-style blouse
  • Flared or bell-bottom jeans or jumpsuit
  • Small water gun
  • Platform shoes
  • Long, blonde or brown feathered wig
  • Large hoop earrings
  • Glossy, bright pink lipstick

Dressing up as a star of the hit 1970s show "Charlie's Angels" continues to remain popular years after its last episode ran in 1981. Movie remakes of the TV show starring Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore created a renewed interest in a new generation of female fans who want to dress up as one of the show's three female stars. Making your own "Charlie's Angels" costume can be done simply, tastefully and on a budget with a few simple items and a lot of character.

Purchase 1970s-style clothes from a local vintage clothes shop. Look for glittery blouses or tops with shiny sequins and bellbottom jumpsuits, jeans or pants in your size. Dressing in 1970s clothing styles will help you invoke the look and feel of "Charlie’s Angels," which was a TV show popular in the 1970s.

Put on the clothes, platform shoes or boots and a blonde or brown wig that makes you appear to have long, feathery hair. Or, if you're playing Kate Jackson's character, wear a short, straight black wig. Don a pair of large hoop, star or other bright earrings that stand out and draw attention to your hair and ears. If you already have long blonde or brown hair, use hairspray, a brush and a hair dryer to give yourself feathered hair.

Put on eyeshadow, base foundation and shiny, lip gloss. Complete the outfit with a small, black water gun that looks like a handgun.


  • Get together with two friends who are also dressed up as "Charlie's Angels" characters and strike the familiar pose from the silhouette shown during the show’s credits. Have one person stand with her legs shoulder-width apart and raise her hands above her head while pointing the water gun straight up in the air. Have the other girls stand on either side in a semi-crouched position with their arms, legs and guns pointed out to the side.