Homemade Cabbage Slicer

A cabbage slicer is a specialized vegetable slicer with more blades on it than most other slicers, and the plane is much wider to be able to accommodate a head of cabbage. Make one at home with a few easy-to-get materials.


As cabbage is much larger than most vegetables being sliced, use a wider body. The slicer should be made of a flat piece of plastic so as to provide a nice, smooth surface on which to slide your cabbage.


Attach the blades to one end of the plastic body, so that as you slide the cabbage over them, the blades will slice the cabbage. There should be three tiers of blades screwed to the body, each one raised up 1/4 inch from the previous one, starting with the first one placed 1/4 inch from the body. These blades should be 1-inch thick and overlap each blade by a 1/4 inch.

Finger Guard

An essential element of safety is the finger guard. This is any loose block of plastic or wood that can guide the cabbage over the blades. On the slicer, hold the cabbage down with your fingertips, and the block should rest behind the cabbage, being pushed by your thumb.