Healthy Families Income Guidelines

Healthy Families is a California program that offers health insurance to qualified uninsured children. To qualify, an applicant must show that insurance is a necessity that the person cannot afford, and the applicant must meet income guidelines. The income scale depends on the number of dependents a person has and how many dependents need care.

Healthy Families

Healthy Families aims to provide medical care, including prescription drugs, office visits, dental care and birth control. The program is aimed at those who do not have employee-sponsored health insurance and who meet basic income requirements. To qualify you must fall into the "low to medium" income bracket with a gross monthly income of about $2,000 per month, although the income is dependent on the number of individuals that you are considered a guardian for.


The income requirements for Healthy Families takes into account the number of dependents in the household. A family of one depend must prove that they make no more than $2,100 per month gross. A family of five must show that they make no more than $5,100 per month gross. A child older than 18 but younger than 19 can apply for Healthy Families on their own if he proves there is no employee-sponsored health insurance available to him.

Pregnant or Parenting Teens

Teens younger than 18 who are pregnant or currently have children can apply for the Healthy Families program for their children. The same income guidelines apply, and the "family" number is the parent and his legal guardians, not the entire household. In order to qualify for Healthy Families, the parenting or pregnant teen must show proof of income. Her income can be no less than $1,750 per month and no greater than $2,900 per month for one child. As the number of children rises, the monthly income rises as well. Those making less than $1,750 per month gross can apply for Medi-Cal instead.