How to Have an Egg Relay Race

Plastic or hard-boiled eggs cut down on mess, although that's missing the point a little.
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The egg-and-spoon race is a traditional outdoor game that requires a combination of speed and careful balance. Runners who go too fast risk splattering their egg on the ground, but those who move too cautiously may be left behind. To add some extra challenge to this game, turn it into a relay race.

The Basics of the Contest

Divide the players into teams; you'll need at least two, but practically any number can compete. Choose one player from each team to begin the race; place these players on the starting line. Station team members at intervals along the race course. Issue each player a large spoon. Place an egg in the first player's spoon. At the starter's signal, the first member of each team runs, balancing the egg in the spoon. When she reaches the next team member, she passes the egg over and the second runner than proceeds. The first team to get its egg over the finish line is the winner.

Changing the Rules

Although the basic elements of the race are simple, you can vary them to make it harder or simpler. To make the race more challenging, you can require contestants to carry the spoons in their mouths rather than their hands, add obstacles to the course, or even require them to hop, waddle or use another strange gait. In order to prevent the race ending without a winner, you may allow a runner who drops his egg to return to the starting line, collect a fresh egg and start again.