Halloween Crafts for the Third Grade

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many kids since they get to dress up as their favorite hero or monster, eat treats and play games. Stores stock lots of Halloween decorations and costumes, but having your child make the decorations or help with her costume promotes creativity.

Favorite Team Pumpkin

Choose a basketball-sized pumpkin. Paint or draw a face on the pumpkin with acrylic paint or sharpies. Print out your favorite team's logo and glue it on to the pumpkin's cheek. Draw two eye-black marks under the eyes. Top off the pumpkin with a team baseball cap. Display the pumpkin on a windowsill.

Lawn Graveyard

Purchase white foam board signs and lawn spikes from a local home supply or hardware store or spray paint old lawn signs white. Cut the white boards in to tombstone shapes (long rectangles with rounded tops). Draw silly names and sayings on the tombstones with a large black sharpie. (You can also make tombstones of famous deceased people and have a Graveyard Hall of Fame. When done, place on your lawn for a creepy outdoor decoration.

Pumpkin Bats

Spray paint three mini pumpkins or gourds black. Cut out three sets of bat wings from black felt and glue them on to the black pumpkins. Glue on plastic eyes or paint on eyes with acrylic paint. For a vampire bat, glue red sequins or rhinestones on for eyes and glue on fangs cut from white cardboard.

Bobbing Ghost

Blow up a standard-sized (9-inch to 12-inch) round balloon. Glue white tissue paper onto the balloon lengthwise so that the tissue paper covers the balloon and drapes down over the balloon to make a ghostly effect. Allow to dry, then carefully draw eyes and mouth on your ghost with a black marker. Hang your ghost using elastic cord so it bobs in the breeze.