Great Fantasy Baseball League Names

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Part of the fun of joining a fantasy baseball league is coming up with a catchy name for your team. Some owners prefer to stick with the same name year after year, while others go with something that has personal significance or current meaning. For the owner looking for a catchy fantasy baseball name, there are thousands of great ones to consider.

Pop Culture is a Hit

Combining a fantasy baseball name with a TV show, movie or entertainer is a sure way to get people to notice it. Some of the most popular fantasy baseball team monikers merge pop culture with references to the sport or its more well-known players. Examples of this include The Braun Supremacy–which combines the movie, "The Bourne Supremacy," with Milwaukee Brewers' outfielder Ryan Braun and Brokebat Mountain–which melds the film "Brokeback Mountain" with the broken bat, a common occurrence in a Major League Baseball game. Most league commissioners insist on keeping team names as clean as possible, but team owners can still have fun with the pop culture-sport combination.

Player Names Always Score

The most well-liked fantasy baseball names play directly on the stars of the game. Of those, the majority feature a player's first or last name substituted into a popular saying or phrase. Examples include iPodsednik–melding the iPod with Kansas City Royals outfielder Scott Podsednik; Silva and Gold–honoring Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Silva; Honey Nut Ichiros–which combines the cereal Honey Nut Cheerios with Seattle Mariners star Ichiro Suzuki; and Jeters Never Prosper–which subs the word "cheater" with the last name of New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. With dozens of new players entering the major leagues each year, the name combinations are nearly endless.

Keep it Simple, Slugger

Not everyone chooses to base his fantasy baseball team name on a player or movie title. Some like to keep it as simple as possible, drawing from any number of sources. Examples may include Silver Sluggers–named after the major league award given to the league's top hitters; Round-Trippers–referencing a slang term for a home run; and Murderer's Row–referring to the nickname given to the 1927 World Series Champion New York Yankees. While these names may not share the same comedic value as others, they represent solid choices that are sure to garner respect from fellow team owners.