Gourd Craft Ideas

Make a simple painting on a gourd for an easy craft  project.
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Gourds are a quirky looking fruit that can be used in many craft projects. Grow gourds for crafts by following the directions on the package. After the gourds are fully grown, harvest and dry them. Drill a small hole through the neck of each gourd, insert a hanging wire and hang it in a dry, well-ventilated area. Leave them hanging for about a month or until the seeds rattle around inside the shell. Clean the gourds with steel wool to prepare them to be used in crafts.

Gourd Baskets

Cut the top off of a dried gourd to create a basket. Drill a hole on the sides of the gourd and create a wire handle. Add beads to the handle for a more decorative look. Use acrylic paint to decorate the side of the gourd basket with flowers and other designs. Coat with varnish to add shine and seal the paint. The basket can also be used as a purse.

Gourd Birdhouse

Create a gourd birdhouse for decoration and to attract birds to a backyard. Drill a hole in the side of a dried gourd. The hole should be about 2 inches in diameter. Drill two smaller holes toward the bottom of the gourd for ventilation and drainage. Drill two small holes on the top of the gourd and string twine through them. Hang the gourd birdhouse from a tree.

Gourd Planters

Use a gourd to create a planter. Cut a dried gourd in half and paint flowers or a geometric design onto the side. Drill small holes in the bottom for drainage and label the flowers or herbs that will be planted inside for decoration.

Other Gourd Craft Ideas

Consider using a gourd to create a decorative bowl. Cut a dried gourd in half and paint and varnish to color and seal it. Use it to hold smaller dried gourds.

For holiday or seasonal decorations, paint a turkey on a gourd at Thanksgiving or a Santa or snowman to celebrate winter or Christmas.