Good Songs to Sing

Finding good music and songs to sing depends on your particular taste in style, as well as your vocal range and singing talent. The event in which the song will be sung also determines exactly what song will be good and whether it will fit the occasion. Discover the reasons for singing, your particular taste, and work within your abilities in order to find the best song to sing.


Find a suitable song for the particular occasion or event. Think carefully about why you are singing the song, and what its purpose is for the specific occasion. Appropriate songs will differ depending on the event. School recitals require songs for a wide range of people and should be family friendly. "Over the Rainbow" is a good choice for recitals, as are show tunes, folk songs and opera arias.

Sing jazz or blues staples at bars or clubs, even if the place is not specifically oriented to a particular type of music. "Lady Sings the Blues" and "Strange Fruit" are emotional songs with strong themes, and gear toward adult audiences.

Take holidays and special events (like graduations, Masses or birthdays) into consideration when deciding on a good song to sing. Hymns may change from holiday to holiday, and graduations and birthdays may require inspirational songs that are secular.


Discover your own personal style for singing. Even when an event or situation dictates what types of songs to sing, there are always plenty of choices within that range. Find the style or type of music you enjoy most, and express yourself through song. Singing from the heart adds depth to a song, and when truly involved in a song, you add more. Pick a jazzy song if you enjoy sultry, blues style music. For opera and classical music lovers, find a song from "La Boheme."

Be true to your style. Singing a song just because other people enjoy it will not create the same effect, especially if you are uninspired during the performance.


Get to know your vocal range and musical ability. Trying to sing a song with high notes when you have a low voice, may create a poor performance. Songs can also be reworked to fit a specific vocal range.

Look for artists with broad vocal ranges. Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights" offers a wide vocal range for female singers, for example.