Goal Setting Games

cheerful boy image by Petr Gnuskin from Fotolia.com

According to author and motivational speaker Brian Tracy, goal setting is the most important factor to being a success in life. No matter what age you are, it is important to study how to set the best goals for personal success. There are many games and activities that can improve your goal setting strategy, making it something that you look forward to.

Long Lost Friend

This role-playing game can help you gauge where you are in your life currently and where you want to be, which are the first two steps in goal setting. Imagine that you have come across an old friend who is asking you questions about what you’re doing. Those questions include where you live, what kind of car you drive, how you make a living, what your interests are, what you’ve given up or taken up, a new skill you’ve acquired and who your partner is. Write down the answers to those questions, and then imagine that three years in the future you have run into that same friend. Answer all of the questions again with responses you'd like to to give in three years.

Goal Board Game

When you have decided on a goal, it is sometimes difficult to figure out all of the steps necessary to reach it. To visualize success, create a small board game for your goal with empty spaces going all around the board. The last space of the board game is your goal and the first space is where you are now. Going step-by-step, determine what you must do to get closer to your goal. These steps can be extremely small or major life-changing decisions. Make sure that the steps logically flow from one to the next.

That’s Awesome

This game is ideally played with a group of people who are comfortable around each other. To start, have one brave soul stand before the group and share one of his goals. Someone in the group responds with “That’s awesome!” followed by a suggestion of something he can do to achieve the goal. Another person in the group also says “That’s awesome!” and makes another suggestion. The game continues until everyone has made a positive suggestion, though the group can make multiple suggestions if a goal is particularly exciting. "That’s Awesome" teaches your group to be positive and help however they can when others state their goals.

A Million Dollars

Many people restrict themselves because they believe they can’t do anything unless they had all the money in the world. This game is relatively simple but can have a major impact on how you think about your goals. Imagine that you have been granted one million dollars. Make a list of the things that you would do within the first day, first week and first month after receiving the money. By putting these ideas and goals in your head, you may begin to think of ways to accomplish these goals without needing a million dollars.