Games to Play With 2 Year Olds

Two-year old children are curious about the world around them and are learning new things each day. A fun way to introduce 2-year-olds to new activities is through game play. These games will keep your toddler entertained and help with his developmental skills.

Play Indoor Basketball

Baby Centre's website offers several games for toddlers. Indoor basketball is an activity that will help with a 2-year-old's hand and eye coordination. Find an old newspaper. Create small balls by scrunching up sheets of the newspaper. Clear a safe, open space in your home and practice throwing the balls with your child. See who can throw the balls the greatest distance. After practice, place a wastebasket several feet away, and see who can throw a ball into the wastebasket without missing.

Have a Color-Themed Day

For a fun way to help your 2-year-old learn his colors, Baby Centre suggests "Red Letter Day." Center the whole day around the color ed. Dress your child in red clothing, allow your child to paint pictures with red paint and serve red-colored foods for lunch or dinner. While outside or shopping, you and your child can find and count red objects, such as cars and flowers. Play this game with a different color on another day.

Play Outdoor Bowling

A game of bowling will help with your 2-year-old's gross motor skills. Gather 10, empty water bottles and a ball. Set up bottles in a triangular shape in your yard. Standing a few feet away, show your child how to knock down the bottles with the ball and place them back up again. As additional help, draw circles where the bottles should be placed to help your child put them back up properly.