Games to Play in the Library

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The library is a somber place. Patrons sit quietly as they read or use the computer. Unruly children and teens are shushed by librarians or parents. It’s not surprising that most kids think the library is boring. Who wants to go someplace where they can’t run, play or freely talk? Library games are one way to turn boring library trips into a fun-filled experience.

Library Scavenger Hunt

Book Hunt gives players a chance to explore the library. This game is basically a book scavenger hunt. Players search for specific fiction and non-fiction books based on a list you give them. The list contains items within the library for them to find.

For example, players might have to find a book about science, a book written by an author whose last name starts with “S” and a book that contains all pictures. If you’re in charge of a group of kids, you can create the list specifically for them. You can also put the list in a public space and invite patrons to play.

Research Hound

Research Hound (see reference 1) is a fun game that teaches players how to perform research. Players are split into teams. Each team receives a card containing four research questions. They can use the Internet, books and encyclopedias to find the answers. The first team to correctly answer all the questions wins.

What’s the Word?

What’s the Word? (see reference 2) is a guessing game. Players learn the meanings of various words associated with the library. Players are split into two or more teams. You read a list of clues, and teams take turns guessing the secret word. Ideally, each secret word should have something to do with the library. Librarian, book, author and publisher are some examples.