Funny Homemade Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes don’t have to be scary. Make a funny Halloween costume at home for a novel look. A funny costume can be a big hit at a party. When choosing the costume, keep in mind the age group of the people attending. Something inappropriate could cause problems. Also, keep in mind the temperature of the place you’ll be. Being prepared makes Halloween go smoother.

Cereal Killer

Stand out from the normal serial killers in this costume. Purchase a plain T-shirt or use an old plain shirt. Use a hot glue gun to glue empty mini cereal boxes all over the shirt. Use the glue gun to glue a few to a pair of pants. Stab holes in the boxes with a knife or pencil. Paint red paint around the holes to make blood. Carry plastic spoons and knives in your back pockets.

Chick Magnet

Dress up as a chick magnet for a Halloween party. Buy a bag of tiny u-shaped magnets from the hardware or party supply store. Buy several little baby chicks; the fluffier, the better. Use a hot glue gun to attach the chicks to the magnets. Glue the magnets and chicks to your shirt and pants. Real magnets will get heavy so use plastic ones.


Dress up as a pair of dice with a friend. Cut two armholes and a hole for a head out of a cardboard box. Leave the end opposite of the head open. Paint the box white or black, and then paint on dots. Slip the boxes over your head. Wear black or white clothes underneath. Have the “one” dot on the front of both pairs to be snake eyes.


For a costume that is both scary and funny, dress up as an IRS auditor. With fabric paint, paint “IRS Auditor” in white letters on a black shirt. Carry a calculator, pencils and handcuffs. Slick the hair back away from the face will gel. Wear glasses. If you are going out with a group, put “IRS Audit Team” on the shirts.