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Funny Games for Groups

Jessica Isaac/Demand Media

If you are having a party or a team-building retreat for a large group, incorporate some funny games into the activities. There are many games that can be played that will have guests cracking up. When picking out funny games, consider simple games that include everyone.

Guess the Act

Jessica Isaac/Demand Media

Write several silly or not-everyday activities on small pieces of paper--for example, jumping in a pool of chocolate, changing diapers for triplets, or feeding a pig. Put the players in groups of four. One person from the team chooses a piece of a paper, without showing what it says to the other members of his team. The three other team members then leave the room while he is looks at the paper. One of the three comes back into the room to watch their teammate act out the activity. That person will then have to replicate what they have seen for one of the two people left from their team in other room. Finally, the fourth person will come out of the room and watch the third person act out what they had just seen. The fourth person will try to guess what the original activity was, but only gets three guesses. Only the first person knows what the activity on the paper is. This game becomes funny when the team is trying to reenact what the person before them was doing.


Jessica Isaac/Demand Media

To play, have everyone sit in a circle. One person will start by whispering a funny phrase in the ear of the person next to them. That person repeats what they think they heard into the ear of the person next to them. This continues with everyone whispering what they think they have heard into the ear of the person they are sitting next to. When the phrase has been passed along to everyone, the last person will say out loud what they think the original phrase was. The participants will see how much one phrase can get changed from one person to the next.


Jessica Isaac/Demand Media

Curses is a funny board game you can buy at on-line sites such as amazon.com or local toy stores. Players receive cards that have certain curses on them. For example, you may draw the curse of speaking like a pirate all night, not be allowed to bend your elbow, or have to talk while pinching your nose. The players have to keep their curse as long as they can. If they mess up, and forget their curse, they are out. Whoever keeps their curse until the end is the winner.

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