Funny Games for a Christian Party

Chris Clinton/Lifesize/Getty Images

You have a lot of entertainment options for Christian parties. Depending on the mood of the group and the age range, you might need anything from a simple icebreaker game to a traditional table game to a full-blown sporting competition. With the right spin on these games and the right leadership, it's easy to get everyone active — and laughing — the entire time.

Indoor Games

"My Cup Runneth Over" is a simple competition style game that is fun and only slightly messy. Using two teams, one person on each team is blindfolded and given a pitcher full of rice. They start out at one end of the room; on the other end is a table with two cups on it. When you shout "go," their goal is to get to the table and pour in enough rice in their cup without the cup overflowing. Their teammates can shout out instructions but not help them physically. If neither cup overflows, whoever has the most rice in their cup wins.

"Tower of Babel" is a game that works best with a set of blocks, although it could get even more interesting with random objects in a room like books or dishes. Split guests into teams of three or more and give them 10 minutes to build as big a "Tower of Babel" as possible. If a tower falls, they can rebuild -- but whatever team's tower is tallest at the end of the 10 minutes wins. Here's the twist: Teammates aren't allowed to speak to each other. Grunting is allowed.

For a less structured activity that requires no equipment, you could form a circle and go around the room asking each person to answer a specific question: what's your favorite Christian joke; what's your least favorite commandment, etc. This type of activity is great for icebreakers if the group doesn't know each other.

Outdoor Games

A popular game at Christian youth parties is crab soccer, which is played like soccer except everyone has to walk like a crab: Sit down on the ground, plant your feet in front of you, then put your hands on the ground behind your body and lift yourself up. You're allowed to sit down again to rest whenever you want, but you can only touch the ball with your feet and you can't stand upright.

"Donut on a String" can be played indoors but tends to get very messy. The group is broken up into teams of two; each team is given a doughnut tied to a long string. One person on each team lies on the ground, and their teammates hold the other end of the string over their mouths. Without using their hands, the people on the ground must try to eat the doughnut; whoever finishes it first wins.

The "Ha" game is guaranteed to get your group laughing. One person lies on the ground; another person lies down and places his head on the first person's stomach; a third person lies down and places her head on the second person's stomach and so on. The first person says "Ha," the second person says "Ha ha," and it keeps going around in a loop, with a "ha" being added each time. If you screw up, you're disqualified; the last person on the ground wins.

Commercial Games

Commercial Christian party games also exist that can get any group laughing. These games include "Outburst, Bible Edition"; "Bible Charades"; "Guesstures: Bible Edition," a popular speedy variation on charades; and "Bible Scattergories."