Fun Quiz Ideas

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For some, the term “quiz” causes dread and fear; for others, quizzes can be fun and exciting. Whether you’re preparing a lesson plan for a class, or attempting to play a game at home, there are several different ideas for quizzes you can easily create.

Personality Quizzes

Few people enjoy anything as much as something that relates to themselves. It might be narcissism, but most people love the idea of classifying their personality. If you're in a group setting, personality quizzes can be fun to take privately and then share as a group. Several fun and quick tests exist online; however, professional tests -- such as the Myers Briggs Test -- are normally taken to classify people in-depth, rarely qualifying as a "fun" experience.

IQ Test

Another fun party quiz can be an IQ quiz. Many sites – such as Quiz Rockets – feature several different fun and quick IQ tests, ranging from ones acting more traditionally, testing generic problems to others, such as the “blonde” test.

Relationship Quizzes

If you’re in a group setting with couples, quizzes can play a center role in a fun group game. Tell each person to make a quiz with 10 questions, ensuring that others don’t know the questions. Leave the answers blank. Then pass the quiz to the person nearest you; however, the person can’t be your partner. Once everyone has a quiz, each person must answer the questions on the quiz received. After they answer, the questions on the page should be asked to their partner out loud. It is the partner’s job to guess the correct answer that their partner filled out. Each correct answer gains a point. The partner pair with the most points wins the game.

Who Would You Be?

Another type of fun quiz involves comparing yourself to some external source, whether an object, person, animal or superhero. Quizzes such as this are available at the Quizopolis website, where a person can take fun quizzes such as “Which Greek God Are You?” Other quizzes include “What Color Are You?” and “Which Toy Story Character Are You?”