Fun Games to Play at Home With Three People

Incan Gold treasure

Put away old classics like Scrabble and Monopoly and explore these enjoyable games to play with three people. Embark on an expedition to an Incan temple. Be the first to secure the most treasure. Be ruthless, eliminate your two opponents and their bunnies and win the golden carrot. Travel to medieval Japan with the board game Samurai. Be the first to gain the majority and conquer cities and villages.

Incan Gold

This adventure game takes players on an exploration of an old Incan temple safeguarding mummies and idols where they must search for gold pieces, artifacts and other treasures such as turquoise and obsidian.

Using deception and exploration, participants must decide whether to end their quest and return back to camp or continue on the journey and face possible dangers such as mummies, fire, rock slides and large spiders while seeking their booty. Whoever retains the most treasure at the end of the game wins. Incan Gold is suitable for ages 6 and older. Play Incan Gold with three people with a 20-minute play time.

Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot

This card game has lively, animated bunnies looking to conquer the world any way they can. With a bit of skill and luck, the game's object is to eliminate your opponent's bunnies while keeping your bunnies alive, collecting carrots along the way and keeping an eye out for the carrot thief. Booster packs are available for Killer Bunnies, which keeps the game fresh. It is recommended for those with a sense of humor aged 12 and older and takes about 90 minutes per game.

Players are armed with weapons of destruction such as anti-matter raisins, curry-spiced poppadoms and bittersweet chocolate-covered, boiling tar. Their aim is to keep other players from winning the game. Negotiation is key to staying alive and defending your bunnies with magic spatulas and other special cards. The game ends when the last large carrot card is drawn.


The setting for this game is medieval Japan, where players participate in capturing key figures such as Buddha, High Helmet and Rice Field. At the start of Samurai, players are given tokens corresponding to a range of influential status against a certain force. Each player takes turns placing his force tokens on a designated space around the city or village. Players must skillfully position their forces to gain the majority by surrounding the cities and villages to capture figures.

The goal is to have the most figures in one category and retain control of most of the remaining figures. The game ends when the last figure is captured or if there are four tied figures. Samurai game time is about 45 minutes when playing with three people and is recommended for those 10 and older.