Friday Fun Game Ideas

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It's a Friday night and, instead of going out, you and your friends have decided to stay in for the evening. After dinner, the conversation starts to lull, but it's too early to call it a night. It might be a good idea to play a few games to liven things up.

Celebrity Guess Who

This is a great, interactive trivia game to play. All you need are note cards with the names of celebrities or historical figures written on them and some tape.

Have each guest take a note card and tape it to their forehead without looking at it.

The object is for everyone to guess the name of the person on their forehead based on clues given by the other guests.

Guests may ask "yes" or "no" questions about their celebrity as they try to guess the name.


The classic party game where guests must rely on their miming and association skills to convey information. All you need for this game is a stack of note cards with a wide variety of titles of books, films, and songs written on them.

Have your guests fill out the note cards with their choices of titles. Each guest should try to think of at least three titles per category.

Shuffle the note cards well.

Each guest now takes a turn drawing a card and giving clues as to what's on the card without speaking. If they are completely unfamiliar with the title, let them draw again.

The first guest to guess the title written on the card wins.

Treasure Hunt

This is a great time-killing game that you can make your guests play while you prepare drinks and dessert. It requires some preparation before the guests arrive but the necessary materials are nothing more than note cards with clues written on them.

Start by writing the first clue on a note card. You will give this to your guests at the beginning of the game and it should give them a hint as to where the hunt begins.

Think of as many hiding places as you'd like in or around your house. Good places are inside books, DVD or CD cases, medicine cabinets, food containers, etc. It can be helpful to make a list before you start writing your clues.

Now that you've come up with the hiding places, write down clues on the note cards that will help guests find each place and the next clue. Ideally, the clues should be written in the form of a riddle, not too obvious, but not impossible either.

When you and your guests are ready to begin, give them the first note card and let them play the game.

The final clue should lead them to some kind of reward, whether it's dessert or some other surprise you'd like to give them.

Note: This game is best played with small gatherings.