Free Projects: Knitted Summer Hats

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There's no reason to stop knitting just because the weather has turned warm. Hats are a wonderful wardrobe addition any time of the year and are a quick knitting project. For summer hats, choose patterns that feature open or lacy designs and yarns that are lighter in weight. Natural fiber yarns are especially comfortable. Many websites offer free patterns with some requiring free registration.

Lion Brand Cotton-Ease Seed Stitch Hat

Free patterns are available through yarn manufacturer Lion Brand's website with registration. One free summer knitting pattern is their Cotton-Ease Seed Stitch Hat. This all-weather hat pattern calls for Lion Brand's Cotton-Ease yarn, a worsted-weight cotton and acrylic blend. The hat begins with a band of 1 x 1 ribbing. The body of the hat is seed stitch.

Stitch Nation: All-Day Beret

Worked from the brim up, this woman's beret features a one-inch 2 x 2 ribbing and a diagonal stitch body. The diagonal stitch body is reversible but not identical on both sides. The designer provides two options for crown shaping.

Crystal Palace Yarns: Mochi Plus Swirl Hat

Designer Sandi Rosner's Mochi Plus Swirl Hat combines garter stitch, unusual construction and self-striping yarn to strange effect. You first knit a 32-inch long garter stitch rectangle, then decrease until one stitch remains. Next you sew the rectangle into a spiral and use the remaining stitch as the first stitch of the crown; you pick up stitches along the top of the spiral to knit the crown. The base of the rectangle folds up creating an asymmetrical brim. This hat could be easily adapted for different sizes and yarns.

Adorabubble Knits: On the Sunny Side

In the summer, young children are especially vulnerable to sun exposure and can benefit from wearing a hat. This free pattern for a child's hat has two brim options so you can choose whether you want a lacy style that allows more sun through or a more solid brim. The designer recommends a bamboo and cotton blend yarn.

Knitty: Lacecap and Minty

Knitty is a free online knitting magazine. Lacecap is designer Adrienne Robson's knitted answer to lacy crochet hats. This lacy cloche-style hat is knitted with fine cotton thread and size 2 (2.75mm) knitting needles. Designer Erica Jackofsky designed her hat Minty to be easy to knit and adaptable to any season based on the yarn you choose.


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