Fonts That Work With Cricut

There are many fonts that can be used with the Cricut.
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The Cricut machine is a tool that allows crafters to cut out very detailed die cuts. There are cartridges designed to be used specifically for the Cricut which contain images and fonts. There is also a program distributed by Provo Craft called Design Studios which enables the user to use the cartridges and create more detailed images. To cut fonts that are not on a cartridge, you need a third party program.

Third Party Programs

Craft Edge's Sure Cuts A Lot, more commonly known as SCAL will cost the user between $60 for a downloadable version and $75 for a downloadable version and a disc version. Make the Cut is another program that can be used with the Cricut, but only up to version 3.2.1. Any versions above 3.2.1 will not support the Cricut.


Once you have one of the two third party programs installed you can install any fonts you would like to use. There are several free font sites on the Internet that allow you to download unlimited amounts of fonts.


Dingbats are also considered a font. These are images that are used by pressing a certain letter on your keyboard. There are several different types of dingbats, such as animals, hearts, skulls, houses, cars and many more. These can be downloaded at one of the free font sites as well.


The cartridges that are specifically made for the Cricut have fonts and images on them as well. Some cartridges contain only fonts, each cartridge contains a different one, such as script or a Halloween font.