Flyer Design Ideas for a Raffle

Ingram Publishing/Ingram Publishing/Getty Images

Creating a flyer for your raffle helps promote the event and increase ticket sales. Before you can reap the benefits, however, you must design the flyer. Designing a flyer is not a difficult task, but does take some creativity. Instead of the same ho-hum design, however, why not create something more eye-catching that separates your raffle flyer from the others?

Animal Lover

It’s no secret that kittens and puppies attract people, and having a flyer in the shape of a cat or dog can help entice potential buyers. While this design option works best for a raffle that benefits an animal-minded organization, you can take advantage of their furry cuteness no matter what the raffle is for. If animals are not what you’re looking for, various other shapes are available for your flyer.

Mailable Post Card

Another option is to have the flyers printed on postcards and mail them to people in and around the community. If you go this route, choose a pleasing image that represents what the raffle benefits on one side of the postcard and include the desired information on the back of the card. For example, a picture of smiling children works well for a raffle benefiting kids, while a photograph of sea animals is ideal for one benefiting marine life. Avoid using images that are depressing, as this could turn away potential ticket buyers.

Chalk It Up

If you want to keep the traditional 8.5 x 11 inch paper shape and size but still want your flyer to stand out, why not give it a chalkboard look? With the help of an editing program, use a chalkboard texture for the background of the flyer and a white chalk-type font for the text. You can find various chalkboard textures and fonts for free with a quick Internet search.

Turn Back Time

A vintage theme opens a whole can of design options for your raffle flyer. One option is to use geometric shapes commonly found on wallpaper in the 50s to create a retro look. Designing the flyer with The Great Gatsby in mind is ideal for a 1920s theme. You can even go as far back as ancient Rome by adding pillars and gladiators to the flyer. For a more recent look, channel the 80s with bright colors, cassette tapes, boomboxes and Rubik's Cubes.