Fleece Blanket Ideas

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Fleece blankets are easy to make. Simply buy a piece of fleece in the appropriate size and choose a way to finish your edges. Fleece blankets are a special gift for occasions like baby showers, Christmas, housewarming parties or as a "just thinking of you" gift. Edges can be sewn, cut, embellished or tied.

Cut Edges

The easiest way to finish a fleece blanket is to cut a decorative pattern around the edges with fabric scissors. One style is called a picket fence style. In this pattern, you'll cut strips along the edge of the fabric about 1/2" long and 1/2" wide. Clip the ends of the strips into points to look like a picket fence. You can also do a "jungle grass" look by cutting thin strips and clipping a corner off of the strip. You can also use a rotary cutter to cut a wavy pattern on the edge of the blanket.

Sewn Edges

Sewing the edges of a fleece blanket is another quick, easy embellishment for your blanket. The shell stitch and the braided finish are two ways to finish off your blanket. For a shell stitch, trim the corners to make them rounded. Change your sewing machine settings to a 2" hemstitch and sew along the edge. To make a braided edge, trim all the edges to the appropriate length. Put down masking tape 3" from the edge of the fabric on the four sides. Fold down each edge to touch the tape and sew the unfinished edge with a zigzag stitch.


Fleece is very easy to embellish. You can add a fringe to the perimeter of your blanket or just embellish the corners. Cut two holes on the corner of your blanket and feed a different colored piece of fleece or a ribbon through the hole. Tie a knot or a bow in the material for a decorative corner. You can also punch just one hole on the edge and tie the material through the hole. Repeat this along the edges of the blanket to create a fringe.

Tied Edges

If you prefer a more finished edge without the work of sewing or embellishing, tying the edges can create a beautiful finished edge on your blanket. Cut longer strips into the edges. Tie each edge in a knot. You can clip the edges decoratively after the strips have been tied if you prefer a more fancy look. Though this process is a bit time consuming, it will guarantee a nice finish for your blanket that won't fray with time.