Father and Daughter Tattoo Ideas

father and daughter image by jedphoto from Fotolia.com

Tattoos can be a powerful way to express the bond between a father and daughter. One might get an individual tattoo to honor the other, or both can get matching tattoos or designs that complement one another. While missing-link designs--a puzzle piece in one person's tattoo design that "fits" the puzzle piece in another person's--are a popular way to express a deep bond, the possibilities for father and daughter tattoos extend far beyond that.

Hidden Name

Caricature artist Al Hirschfeld found a unique way to express his love for his daughter, Nina. He subtly incorporated the letters of her name into most of the drawings he did after her birth. The name of your father or daughter could be hidden in the line detail of an eagle's feathers, a lion's fur or any other design.

Zodiac Signs

Zodiac tattoos generally represent the astrological sign of the wearer. A tattoo of your father's or daughter's sign suggests the other-worldly bond you feel. Combine symbols of your own sign with that of the other's for a yin-yang effect. If your signs are the same, the tattoos could be matching, or symbols that are significant to the father could be tattooed on the daughter, and vice versa.

Mythological and Spiritual Guides

The spiritual bond between father and daughter can be graphically represented with animal "familiars." Witches--which can be forces of good as well as evil--were believed to be able to transport their souls for temporary storage inside an animal. That animal was the witch's "familiar." Wizards had them too. Father and daughter could choose a familiar, whether an exotic creature or the family cat, and get matching tattoos that symbolize spiritual connectedness.