How Far Do You Stand From a Dartboard?

You should stand 7 feet 9 1/4 inches from a dartboard to throw darts. This distance is measured along the floor, from the line where your toe touches to the face of the board.


Each person throws three darts at a time, then clears the board for the next player, according to Darts can be made of brass, an alloy of nickel and tin, or tungsten alloys. Darts also come in different sizes and styles.


The dart shaft helps prevent the dart from moving laterally in flight. Shafts, like darts, are available in different styles and are made of nylon or polycarbonate plastic, composite, or solid aluminum.


The Game of '01

The classic game of darts, or the game of '01, is played from a number of points that end in "01," such as 301, 601, or 801. Each player starts with the same "01" score. Each throw is intended to reduce the score, and whoever reaches 0 first is the winner.



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