Fancy Ways to Cut Shirts

Paul Tearle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Liven up a boring T-shirt by adding some fancy details with scissors. This can rejuvenate shirts you are tired of wearing, or make them more appropriate for warmer weather. It can also fix the problem of a shirt that is too large. Cut-up shirts are expensive in boutiques, and your friends will all wonder where you got your cool, customized shirt. If you have an old, ragged shirt you won't use, let it be a practice shirt if you're unsure about your cutting skills.

Knotted Ties

Flip the shirt to the backside and lay it flat on a work surface. Using scissors, make a long vertical cut that goes directly down the center of the shirt. Make smaller horizontal cuts going across the long cut. Each cut should be about an inch away from the next one. You are creating long pieces of fabric that will then be tied in knots stretching across your back.


Cut the neckline out of the shirt, and cut off the bands of the sleeves. Cut as little or as much as you like. Lay the shirt down and begin cutting vertical strips along the bottom of the shirt. The strips should be 1 to 2 inches long to create a fringed look. Continue cutting fringe all around the entire shirt. Fringe the sleeves as well if you desire.

Halter Straps

Lay the shirt flat and grab a permanent marker to help you make marks to guide your cutting. Draw a thin strap on both sides of the neck of the shirt. Cut the neckline away and as low as you'd like the halter top to go. Cut the straps on each side of the neck, removing the sleeves completely. Cut away four long straps on the back of the shirt, two on each side. Remove excess material. To wear the halter, tie the top straps around your neck, and tie the other four together to hold the rest of the top around your back.

Tank Top

Make a cute tank top out of any kind of shirt by cutting the neckline out, removing the sleeves completely, and cutting the bottom off if the shirt is too long. Embellish the tank top and make it feminine by using some of the material you cut off to tie bows around the straps of the tank top. Ribbons can also be used to create bows around the straps for a cute look.