Fall Festival Games for Kids

Fall festivals are a fun, old-fashioned way to celebrate the season, and, since they are typically sponsored by churches and schools, often attract throngs of children. To keep these children entertained, most fall festivals have booths and games geared specifically towards children of varying age levels. There are plenty of options when it comes to selecting crowd-pleasing fall festival games for kids, from classic carnival games to new spins on old favorites.

Bobbing for Apples

A fall festival just isn't complete without bobbing for apples, a classic fall festival game for kids and adventurous adults. To set up this booth festival coordinators need only gather a large metal tub, small apples, towels, and toys and trinkets for prizes. The tub should be filled to within a couple of inches of the top and then the apples can be added. Participants can take turns trying to catch an apple by using only their mouths. Any participant that manages to get an apple in the allotted time wins a prize. Towels are handy for drying off the children's faces.

Bean Bag Toss

The classic bean bag toss can easily be converted into a fall festival game for kids by adding some fall flair. Festival coordinators can cut a large pumpkin out of plywood or foamboard, paint and decorate, and cut out large holes to make the face of the jack-o-lantern. Players should be placed an appropriate distance from the jack-o-lantern cutout and be given a set number of bean bags to toss at the cutout. If a child manages to get one of his bean bags through one of the holes on the cutout, he wins a prize.

Cake Walk

Kids and sweets go hand in hand, making a fall-themed cake walk a perfect choice for a successful fall festival game for kids. To give a classic cake walk a fall twist, festival coordinators should have fall-themed cakes donated as prizes. Coordinators can place 10 large pumpkins an equal distance apart to create a circle. Each pumpkin should have a number, 1 through 10, painted on it. Kids walk from pumpkin to pumpkin in a circle while fall or Halloween-themed songs are playing on a stereo. When the music stops, the children must also stop. Then, coordinators draw a number and whichever child is standing next to the pumpkin with the same number wins a prize--in this case, a fall or Halloween treat.

Needle in the Hay Stack

Nothing says fall like fresh bales of hay, and this hay can help create a fun fall festival game for kids. To play Needle in the Hay Stack, festival coordinators should gather several bales of hay and an assortment of small fall-themed prizes, like pumpkin erasers, candy or Halloween pencils. Coordinators should then spread the hay out in large piles at their booth and hide the prizes throughout the hay. Children play Needle in the Hay Stack by searching through the hay for a prize. The game ends once the child discovers a prize.