Exhibit Theme Ideas

Ebby May/Digital Vision/Getty Images

If you own an art gallery, you can commission artists and hold exhibitions to help support your business or support a charity. Choosing a creative theme will attract more patrons to your exhibit. Pick a distinct theme that other art galleries in your area haven't tried before. Your artists and gallery patrons will appreciate the opportunity to see fresh works of art.


Ask local elementary schools to have their students create art to show in your gallery. You can hold a contest to select the best pieces by age group or you can just exhibit their work. Engaging kids in your gallery will help inspire a younger generation to appreciate the arts and will draw their families to your gallery to see their work. Volunteer as an art docent in elementary school classrooms to teach the kids whose art you'll exhibit about basic technique, shape and form. The kids will love it when their art sells, even if the buyer is a member of their own family.


You can host an art exhibit with an "intangible" theme in two ways. You can commission artists to use traditional media, such as paint on canvas, to artistically express an intangible feeling or emotion, such as love, trust, fear or grief. You can also ask artists to create art using intangible media, such as light, shadow or sound. Thinking beyond traditional forms of media can help introduce your gallery patrons to art that is fresh and new.


People usually expect traditional media, such as paintings, drawings, and sketches, when they visit an art gallery. Provide an unexpected art form by hosting a diorama exhibit. Dioramas are small-scale versions of realistic scenes, like a dollhouse. Artists who specialize in dioramas can create highly detailed scenes. Some artists' dioramas are as small as a loaf of bread while others' are as big as a room. Hold your diorama-exhibit patrons' imaginations captive by showing them how intricate art can be.