Epsom Salt Art Projects

Salt image by lefebvre_jonathan from Fotolia.com

Epsom salt makes great art projects for children or adults because of its large and distinctive crystal structure and its water softening properties. Epsom salt can be purchased inexpensively in any drugstore or the pharmacy section of a large discount store. As long as you keep it dry, Epsom salt keeps indefinitely, so it's great to have on hand in the craft cupboard.

Christmas Ornaments

Using round, star, bell or other shaped glass or plastic ornaments, cover the ornaments with a thick layer of white craft glue. Roll the ornament in Epsom salt and allow it to dry. The Epsom salt creates a snowy-looking layer on top, while the original color of the ornament shows through underneath. A tree light shining behind completes a sparkling look.

Snow and Paper Crafts

Boiling one tablespoon of Epsom salt together in 1 cup of water creates a solution that can be brushed over paper or cardboard. When it dries, it makes a glistening haze that looks like snow.

Have children draw a snow scene on a piece of dark blue construction paper, then paint it with the salt solution. If you use more Epsom salt to make a thick mixture, then it dries with a crinkly, three-dimensional texture that looks even more like a snow storm. This Epsom salt mix is perfect to put "snow" on drawings of snowmen.

Salt Layer Art

Epsom salt is easy to color with a tiny bit of food coloring. It takes only one drop of food coloring to color a cup of Epsom salt. By making several different colors of salt, kids or adults can layer the colors in a glass jar for a decorative craft similar to sand art. The best thing about salt layered art projects is that they can be used as bath salts as well. Add a drop of essential oil along with the food coloring for scented salts.


Epsom salt can be used to create beautiful luminaries from clear glass jars. Using tiny drops of food coloring to color the salt and white craft glue will transform any clear jar into a sparkling glow of wintery or holiday color. Use a spray sealer on the outside of the salts to keep the salt firmly on the jar. Use an electric tea light or votive candle inside.