Elegant Wedding Column Decorations

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There are many uses for columns as decor for a wedding. You can place columns on both sides of the altar for the bride and groom to stand between. Place them at the entrance of the sanctuary so bride and groom may pass between them immediately after the ceremony. Use columns as beautiful backdrops for wedding pictures.


Wrap the columns in gauzy tulle. Use white or coordinate with the wedding colors. Cover the entire column and tie a big bow of tulle at the top or in the center of the column.


Wrap the columns with strings of tiny, sparkling lights. Battery-operated lights are available, so electrical outlets and extension cords are not needed. Start at the bottom and wind the lights around the column. Use double-sided tape to make sure the lights stay securely attached.


Affix a bunch of helium-filled latex balloons to the top of each column. Each bunch of balloons must have a balloon weight. Use balloons that match the wedding colors.

Ribbons and Glitter

Make huge bows with wide organza or satin ribbons that match the wedding colors. The bows should be as wide as the columns and should have many loops. Tie the bows near the top of the columns and have trailing ribbon streamers fall down the columns from the bows. Apply glitter spray to the columns for an added bit of color.


Purchase artificial green vines from a craft store. Select simple, green vines or those with flowers that match the wedding colors or the flowers used in other decorations. Wrap the vines around columns from bottom to top. Secure the vines with double-sided tape or hot glue. For added effect, add strings of lights to the vine decor.


Use the same type of flowers as in other wedding decorations to create bouquets for the columns. Secure the flower bouquets with floral wire, tie decorative ribbons around the stems in big bows, and attach the bouquets to the center of the columns using wire, ribbons or both. Add tulle to enhance the bouquets.


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