Ebooks Vs. Traditional Books

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Technology has taken over books. There are pros to both ebooks and traditional books. Ebooks are better for the environment because they save on paper, however with paper books, you will not have to worry about your reader getting dropped, malfunctioning or breaking down as you would with an ebook. While you may prefer the convenience of an ebook, there is still something to be said for curling up in bed with a traditional, printed book.

Ebook Convenience

Ebooks are simply more convenient than traditional books. Handheld readers are small, and you can store them away easily when you're traveling or on the go. The lighting on most readers makes it akin to an actual book page, and if you're unsatisfied with the text size, you can change the size of it to better suit your eyes. Also, unlike ordering traditional books online, there will be no shipping costs to ebook readers. Whether reading the book online or on a handheld reader, you will receive it almost instantly.

Ebook Privacy

For those who are trying to take out a book on a particular subject that may be embarrassing or private, the privacy afforded by buying an ebook beats awkwardly standing in the checkout line. Ebooks also allow you to protect your books by password.

Ebook Storage

You can store many ebooks on one device, as opposed to paper books which can require a mass amount of space. This is also convenient for students who carry backpacks that could otherwise be loaded down with textbooks.

Ebook Price and Author Pool

For those not looking to purchase ebooks for their handheld readers, there are plenty of free ebooks available online. One benefit is that you can read them on any piece of technology that has the Internet and a web browser. There is also a larger pool of authors to choose from, allowing you to read from unknown talents.

Traditional: No Technology Required

While convenient, technology does not have everyone rushing to read on a digital screen. Traditional books do not require the purchasing of ebook readers, giving your credit card number or using the Internet. Especially for those not familiar with technology, purchasing a traditional book is much easier.

Traditional Collector's Editions

Signed copies, numbered editions and beautiful bindings are all related to traditional books. With the age of ebooks, collector’s editions and autographed copies of books might be a thing of the past.

Traditional Decor

Aside from reading, traditional books make for fantastic accent pieces. Those decorating an office with bookshelves or making a habit of collecting bright, antique books for a shabby chic style obviously prefer traditional books when making their decoration decisions.

Book Borrowing

So you've told your friend about the latest book your reading, and he wants to borrow it. Lending books becomes a much harder task when they take the form of data. Traditional books allow for book borrowing and lending without having to lend out your entire reader.