Easy Way to Fringe Jeans

Jeans image by Francis Bourgouin from Fotolia.com

Ragged and distressed-looking jeans can be quite expensive. This type of denim is quite popular with people of all ages, and the jeans seem to be more comfortable if they look worn out. It takes many washings and months of wear to get that distressed look when you purchase a new pair of regular jeans. You can easily fringe the hem or other part of your jeans by following a few simple steps. This will give your denim a distressed, worn out, casual look that is in fashion all over the world.

Things You'll Need

  • Pair of denim jeans
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Chalk, pencil or ink pen

Start with a pair of jeans that is a bit too long for you. Don't worry about them being too short when you fringe them as the fringe will extend past any material you cut off.

Measure how much length you need to cut off your jeans or have a friend mark the hem while you are standing on a chair or step stool.

Lay the jeans on a flat surface, such as a table or counter top.

Use a tape measure or ruler to mark a straight line across the bottom of the jeans leg. You can use a pencil, piece of chalk or even an ink pen to draw the line. If you need to cut off an inch, just mark it with the ruler in several places and then place the ruler against the marks to draw the straight line. Measure the same hem on both legs.

Cut off the jeans at the markings. This may be a bit difficult to do as denim is a heavy material. Don't worry if the cut is a bit uneven as the fringe will cover up any errors.

Machine wash and dry the jeans as usual. When you remove the jeans from the dryer, they will have a fringe. Repeated washings will make the fringe fuller.


  • To make fringed gashes or cuts in other parts of the jeans, just cut a straight line through the material where you want the fringing. You can even cut out a circle or oval shape if you want some skin to show through. Wash and dry the jeans to create the fringed edges.