Easy To Make Wooden Windmills

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Small-sized windmills, specifically made of wood, can be easily made and installed on a hobbyist's property. Traditionally, windmills have been used to generate electricity, or even to grind farmed grains.


A windmill is composed of multiple sails and a long tail. The tail allows the windmill to shift direction into the oncoming wind and subsequently turns the sails as the air speed grows. As the windmill spins, it can power a generator for electrical production or operate mechanical devices that are attached within.

Fabricating the Windmill

To make a wooden windmill, eight sails need to be cut from plywood. Create a circle from a thicker piece of wood that can house the sails. At an angle, cut into the wood circle by about 1 inch for each sail to be attached. Use wood glue to adhere the sails permanently.



After the main windmill is formed, the tail can be attached. Make sure the end of the tail has a large 6-by-6-inch piece of plywood to catch the wind gusts as they pass.