Easter Craft Ideas With String & Glue

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Use string and glue to create Easter crafts that are impressive-looking and economical. Look for colorful string or tinted glues to make crafts that do not need additional decoration. If you do use plain string and white craft glue, you can still paint your finished designs with acrylic craft paints to add a burst of color.

String Egg Ornaments

Blow up balloons to the size you want your finished egg ornaments to be. If the balloon has an oval shape rather than a round shape, your finished ornaments will look more like eggs so keep that in mind when purchasing and inflating the balloons. Fill a shallow bowl with white craft glue and dip pieces of string into the glue. You can use colored string or embroidery floss to add color to the egg because the craft glue will dry clear. If you use plain string, you can paint the egg ornaments when they dry. Wrap the colored string around the balloon. Add several pieces of string so that they overlap and form a cage around the balloon. Tie a piece of string around the neck of the balloon and hang the balloon in a dry place until the glue has dried completely. Pop the balloon and remove it from the ornament. You can now decorate your hollow egg ornament with paints, glitter or beads. Thread a length of ribbon through the string at the top of the ornament to hang it or place the string eggs in an Easter basket.

String Easter Basket

Use the same method for creating string eggs to make a colorful string Easter basket. Cover the outside of a bowl with plastic cling wrap. The plastic wrap will allow the string and glue to mold around the bowl without becoming glued to the bowl itself. Drape the glue-coated strings over the outside of the bowl, crisscrossing the lengths of string until most of the exterior surface of the bowl is covered with string. Let the glue dry completely and then lift the string basket off the bowl. Carefully peel the plastic wrap away and your string Easter basket is ready for you to fill with Easter grass and candies or small toys.

Easter Bracelets

Decorate plain plastic bangles with pastel-colored string to make Easter bracelets. Attach the end of the string to the inside of the bangle with craft glue and wrap the string around the bangle tightly to cover the entire inside and outside surface of the bracelet. Add additional glue as necessary to the inside of the bangle to hold the string in place as you work.


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