How to Find Your Doppelganger

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A doppelganger is a ghostly double of a living person, but it's most commonly understood as your lookalike. For example, one of your friends may say that you are the double, or doppelganger, of Beyonce. Finding your lookalike can be accomplished with the help of facial recognition programs that are available through Internet websites that specialize in searching for your double.

Use the Internet

Go to the Findmydoppelganger website.

Click on "Register" to set up a user account. You will need to fill in your personal details here and set up a user name and password. The site is free to use and is easy to navigate.

Upload a picture to your account. The image you upload must be a picture of your face when you are not smiling, to facilitate the facial-recognition process. Clicking on "Guide" will give you full details of how your picture needs to look.

Check your account; the program offers instant results in finding your celebrity lookalike and other people in the world who could be your doppelganger. You can also find your doppelganger on Facebook. Just search for "Find My Doppelganger" and the page that you need should come up.

Ask Your Friends

Start asking your friends and acquaintances who they think you resemble.

Make a list of all the answers that they give you and see who comes up most often.

Make it into a game and get your friends to compile doppelganger lists for each other. The top answer for each friend can be displayed next to a picture of the person.


  • Make your own website and post your picture online and ask people to contact you if they think that they are your doppelganger.