Do-It-Yourself Indian Costume Ideas

An Indian costume is a great dress-up idea if you will be attending a Halloween party. You can put this costume together yourself. You will need a pair of scissors, a needle and thread, a bag of feathers, blue plastic beads, approximately 6 yards of medium brown fringe and 1 1/2 yards of ribbon, 1 inch wide. When a man wears an Indian costume, it can enhance his masculinity. When a woman wears an Indian costume, she can look cute or sexy.

The Indian Shirt and Pants

To put together an Indian costume for a man, you will need a pair of beige pants and a long beige T-shirt. Measure the distance from waist to ankle with the brown fringe, and snip off a piece. Cut another piece of brown fringe of the same size. Sew each piece of fringe over each side seam on the outside of the pants. Make a ā€œVā€ on the front of the T-shirt with another piece of fringe and go over the shoulders with it. Make a ā€œVā€ on the back of the T-shirt and pin the fringe on the front and back of the shirt in place, cutting the fringe for the desired length needed. (Note that the fringe should go around the chest and over the shoulders to form a complete circle. Both ends of the fringe should meet at the shoulder.) Sew the fringe to the T-shirt and remove the pins. If you want beads on the shirt, hand sew the blue plastic beads to the edge of the fringe.
Cut the sleeves off of the T-shirt and discard them. Sew fringe to the bottom of the T-shirt, and hand sew beads to the edge of the fringe.

The Sexy Dress

To make a do-it-yourself Indian dress you will need to purchase an oversized beige T-shirt. You can cut off the sleeves and sew a piece of fringe to the edges of the T-shirt where the sleeves were, or you can leave the sleeves on and cut them into shreds to resemble fringe. You can shred the bottom of the T-shirt or you can sew fringe to the bottom of the shirt. Sew blue beads along the edge of the fringe sewn to the bottom of the shirt and along the edge of the fringe sewn at the shoulders. Tie a brown sash around the waist and wear moccasins or high heeled suede boots.

Additional Indian Costume Ideas

A man or a woman can tie a ribbon around the forehead. Feathers can be sewn to the back of the ribbon to make an Indian headdress. An armband can also be made by sewing ribbon to the ends of the fringe. The armband can be tied around the upper portion of the arm. Blue beads can be sewn to the edge of the armband. Hair should be parted down the center to make pigtails or braids.

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