Do It Yourself Greek Togas for Kids

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Things You'll Need

  • White T-shirt
  • 4 yards of white fabric
  • Belt

Teach your children or students about ancient Greek history while throwing a toga party that will capture their attention for maximized learning. Make togas from cloth that you can buy in bulk from a craft store. Allow children to assist in making their own togas so that they feel engaged with the activity.

Have the child put on a white T-shirt. This allows for modesty and freedom of motion so that children can move around without worrying about the toga getting pulled out of place.

Fold the fabric so that the width is divided in half.

Wrap the folded fabric around the child’s waist one and a half times. Secure a belt around the waist to trap the fabric in place.

Throw the remaining fabric over the shoulder. Bring it across the back until it reaches the waist. Tuck the loose end into the belt. Arrange the folds so that the belt is hidden in both the front and back.


  • Do not use a sheet. The piece of fabric you want to use to make a toga should be long and narrow. Sheets are too wide and too large, especially when outfitting children. Embellish the toga costume by adding a wreath of ivy around child’s head. You can purchase plastic ivy vines at most craft stores. Have children wear sandals for additional authenticity.